BMC Metals is a frontline Metal Recycling and Commodity Trading company, producing new metals from metal scrap. Our focus is on Lead acid batteries, Aluminium and Copper products.

Our in depth knowledge of the local market and also a strong brand positioning in the international markets makes us a supplier of choice for many international battery and metal companies.

Scrap Battery Purchase

We buy lead acid battery scraps from individuals and companies in both small and large quantities. Through our highly defined network of vendors and collection centers, we are able to collect these old or damaged batteries nationwide for onward transfer to lead acid battery manufacturers who recycle these scraps and produce new batteries. That way, the industry is able to achieve almost zero wastage and drastically reduce lead pollution in the environment.

In addition, we have in place a very effective and seamless vendor management system that ensures that the delivery of battery scraps and processing of payments are done without hassle. So vendors are assured of prompt payment of funds once we confirm receipt of goods.

We also buy the following products:

  • Aluminium – Can drinks, kitchen utensils (pots, pans etc), Roofing sheets, Window frames etc.
  • Copper – Cables, Generators, Transformers, Power packs etc.

Sell Your Old Batteries

Lead Plates

Lead Paste

Plastic Residue

Lead Inglots