Become a Vendor

Are you a business with a ready supply of used and retired batteries?

Or you’re simply an individual looking to make a quick buck off your spent car or inverter battery?

BMC Metals boasts of a highly successful battery collection scheme and are always looking to establish new contacts with potential suppliers of lead based batteries nationwide.

Why You Should Sell Your Old Batteries to Us:
  • Quick payment to vendors
  • Seamless transaction proces
  • Duly certified to collect and recycle old batteries by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, Nigeria.
  • We adhere strictly to environmental guidelines and standards
  • We can pick-up the batteries at your location (depending on the quantity available.)
What We Buy:

We buy old Lead Acid Batteries in small and large quantities within Nigeria and in neighboring West African countries.

Some of the products we buy include:

  1. Lead – Lead Batteries, Medical devices with Lead components etc.
  2. Aluminium – Can drinks, kitchen utensils (pots, pans etc), Roofing sheets, Window frames etc.
  3. Copper – Cables, Generators, Transformers, Power packs etc.
Ready to Partner With Us?