About Us

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We are a metal recycling and commodity trading company with a focus on Lead batteries, Aluminium, and Copper products. We buy used and old lead batteries, recycle them and sell to battery manufacturing companies globally. We provide the best quality Lead Plates, Lead Paste, Plastic Residue, Lead Ingots,  Aluminium Scraps and more to our happy clients worldwide.


Our plant features a rotary furnace, refining kettles and a Spectrometer amongst other things.


As one of Africa’s largest exporters of pure Lead and Metals, we are positioned to offer our customers.

    • Quality Products
    • Swift delivery
    • A unique customer experience in all our interactions with our customers

With strategic investments in Metal recycling and industrial production facilities in emerging markets, we are able to provide our customers with high grade Lead metal and its associated alloys and chemicals.


Our metals team is made up of individuals with over 15 years’ experience in the metal recycling and international trading business.


We have a strong customer base spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas and production facilities in emerging markets. With these, we are able to provide physical delivery of metals to end-users, traders, smelters, manufacturing companies etc., help companies edge their financial positions in metals and ensure the delivery of physical metals to major ports around the world.


Our primary product is Lead and its value-added derivatives such as Red Lead, Litharge, PVC Stabilizers etc.

BMC is one of the leading Lead Metal trading company in the West Africa. What makes us unique is that we have strategic investments in our own plants. As such, we are able to meet up with demands of our customers both for physical delivery of the metals and for hedging purposes.


This rare blend of international trading and physical production gives us unrivaled ability to meet demands traditional trading companies may not be able to meet.


There has never been a more challenging and exciting time to be trading in the international scrap metals market and BMC Metals will remain positive to its well-proven formula and operating ideals of superior customer service, attention to detail, and delivering long-term value to our customers.”